Michelle van de Braak


Michelle van de Braak started her cellolessons with Yke Viersen and Saskia Boon.

As a student at the Conservatoire (Enschede and Amsterdam) she studied with Robert Dispa and Dimitri Ferschtman.

She started teaching when still a student and has continued to do so ever since. As a result she has ample experience in teaching all levels and ages.

Chamber music and general ensemble playing always has been of major importance to Michelle. Currently she is cellist in the Groningen-based Minerva string quartet (formerly the Arcobaleno Quartet). As Duo Divertimento she played with violin/viola player Maaike ten Wolde at party’s, dinners and other festivities. A variety of smaller and langer concerts with other instrument-colleagues have happened over the years.

Every year for 16 years now, Michelle organises, together with violinist Maaike ten Wolde, extensive projects in ensemble playing where players of all ages can participate.
To facilitate this Kamermuziekschool Groningen was founded in 2011 (school for chambermusic). Here chambermusic lessons are given, incidentally or on a structural basis. Also various projects in ensemble-playing are organised. For the latest chambermusic-project or other posibilities put in a request by mail or have a look at: http://www.kamermuziekschoolgroningen.nl

On occasion she writes reviews (for instance about the Cello Biennale in Amsterdam) in the magazine of ESTA – European String Teachers Association.

From 2010 – 2012 Michelle was as experienced teacher part of an Healthy Ageing project – an initiative of the Prins Claus Conservatorium – where was investigated into the specifics of music-education to older or even elderly people.
Since 2013 Michelle is offering internships to cellostudents of the Prins Claus Conservatoire, and since 2016 she also is teacher for the introduction-course in cello-methodology at the same Conservatoire.